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 BandLab is the free app for music lovers. With it, you can easily create, listen and share music all in one app.

First of all, you have to create an account to identify yourself as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ or simply a fan. You can choose your favorite music genres for the app to suggest content. At any time, you can change your profile and select a different gender. In addition, it is also possible to customize your profile, basically as if it were a social network.

You can upload anything from images to musical creations. You can also follow users that interest you, explore their work and interact with them. Likewise, there is a library section that allows you to store anything you want. For example, your projects or your favorite songs or groups.

This app also lets you listen to music in the background, so you can continue browsing the app without having to interrupt the music you're listening to. If you are a music lover then BandLab is the perfect app for you. Download and enjoy tons of music content for every taste.

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