GIMP 2.10.22 for Windows- DOWNLOAD

 If someone were to ask us about a photo enhancement and editing app, our answer would probably automatically be Photoshop. This is normal if we take into account that it is one of the best programs in the sector and a benchmark within the field of photography.

However, despite being the best, it also has a major drawback for many individual users or educational centers, to name just a few examples: it costs money. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and need an alternative program capable of offering us high performance when it comes to editing and retouching photos, you can always turn to GIMP.

The best free alternative to Photoshop

Its name is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it is exactly an image editing software capable of working with both photos and drawings. Plus, it's part of the GNU project, so it's free to download and use.

It all started in 1995 when a group of students at the University of Berkeley developed it as a project. Currently, it has a huge community of users in charge of its development and the periodic implementation of updates and improvements.

The best free resource for processing images

Main features

Free image editor with professional features.

Work with independent channels and layers.

Includes the GTK+ graphical control library.

Compatible with the most used formats: JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, PDF, GIF, etc.

Easy-to-use interface adjustable to the user's needs thanks to the use of floating windows that you can move freely.

Process batches of images.

Increase options through plugins and add-ons.

Support for using macros and commands.

Features such as the possibility of expanding its functions through extensions or automating actions through macros, make it one of the best pieces of software that you can download for free to work with your images.


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