Plug-in software synthesizer suite featuring four contemporary musical instruments – piano, guitar, bass and drums. Create your own exceptional sound with the Super Quartet!! This high-quality software synthesizer is equipped with a new sampling waveform and software synthesizer engine that generates incredible sound quality, ideal for new music creation possibilities. Roland's synthesizer technology makes it possible to use expressive waveforms of various types. The software has dedicated control panels for easily customizing sounds. Each instrument has varying tonal levels that are useful for a wide variety of music.

Examples of pitch variation:

– Pianoù Concert Grand, Upright, Electronic, Rock, etc.

– Guitar ù Classic Nylon, Steel, Electronic, Acoustic, Jazz, Clean, etc.

– Bassù Wood, Finger, Picked, Fretless, etc.

– Drums ù Standard, Brush.



- 2 types of plug-in software synthesizers

- Up to 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sample rate performance

– 72-68 MB, huge wave memory (16-bit linear conform)

– 32-bit floating point signal processing

– 60 preset instrument sounds and 2 preset drum sets (user can add 384 variation sounds and 128 variation drum sets)

– Unlimited sound expression tools to edit and save as user variation tone

- High quality reverb chorus/delay and part equalizers

- Polyphony up to 128 voices

- Up to 16 parts of multi-instrument playback

– Intel SSE, AMD 3D Now! and optimized PowerPC AltiVec

- Friendly user interface

– Best combination with audio interface such as DA-2496 and UA-5 by EDIROL 

password   www.dllvstplugin.com

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