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piano roll

Slide notes - Select note and 'Slide slide' mode to slide notes and chords.

Note selection > More (menu) - New transpose functions inc. slides. Humanize, set note lengths, fingering value, and semitone +/- controls. Copy selection +/- 1 Octave (double up/down).

Phantom notes - improved visibility

panoramic note


3x Osc - New, 1:1 port of the desktop version of FL Studio complete with hundreds of patches (also compatible with desktop patches).

DirectWave (sampler) - Updates. Pitch bend range, Round-robin for packs that support it.

Drum Sampler - Channels can be renamed


Autoduck - Updated with more flexible turn control and eccentric ducking.

Mixing Options - New 'Wet pan' control for MID/SIDE and other processing functionality.

Spacer - Added MID/SIDE encoding and decoding to spacer.

Parametric EQ - Nodes can now be tapped/clicked and dragged

MIDI Import - Split channel MIDI import via pop-up options dialog.

user interface

Project tab - New location to add project metadata and review project performance

Store - Category filters/tags to improve content search.

Virtual keyboard - Key range labeling (configured in Instrument module menus).

Tempo control - updated tempo dial with +1 and +10 increments

Link MOD Wheel - There is a new option to link any controller to the 'MOD controller' touch.

Anti-aliasing - GPU-accelerated anti-aliasing on all platforms. Smoother curves and diagonal lines.

Track Master Playlist - '+Clip' to add Automation

Settings - Colorblind Themes . New support registration options.

... plus numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations.

No matter where you are or what hardware platform you choose, FL Studio Mobile is ready to support your best creative moments.

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